Stryker EMS Reduces the Risk of Injury During Stairway Transport

end picture, MI - EMS and fire professionals often find themselves performing hazardous rescue procedures that involve transporting a patient down a flight of stairs.  Statics show that these procedures can cause back injuries and strain.  Stryker EMS recognized the opportunity to provide a product that will reduce the risk of injury to medics and patients during stairway transport. 

The Stair-PRO (model 6252) has been found to reduce the risk of lower back disorder.  Subtle differences in product design can have a measurable impact on product efficacy.  The Stair-PRO uses an innovative Stair-TREAD™ system, allowing two medics to safely transport a patient up to 500 pounds to safety.  Services around the United States are sharing their stories on how Stryker products are improving the industry for both patients and medics alike.

Visit or for case studies and ergonomic studies on the Stryker Stair-PRO and other Stryker EMS products. 

As the third most injurious occupation in the United States, career longevity is an issue; our goal is to develop products that inherently reduce the risk of injury and change people’s lives!

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