Utah police adopt 'armored ambulance'

The 'civilian rescue vehicle' contains medical equipment and is mine resistant ambush protected

By Andrew Adams

SALT LAKE CITY — MRAPs carry American soldiers in and out of tight spots and protect them from improvised explosive devices, but the Unified Police Department now has one and has repurposed it as an armored ambulance.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder more formally calls it a "civilian rescue vehicle," and said this week he envisions using the MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected) in active-shooter-type situations, potentially backing it up to front doors and storefronts and getting people out of harm's way.

Though it can be configured in multiple ways, a tour of the vehicle revealed it contained IVs, first-aid gear and metal triage tables.

Read full story: Military transport or armored ambulance? Meet Unified PD's new ride

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