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Top EMS downloads: The best apps and software

Finding the right EMS downloads for your mobile device can save you time and help you save lives

Looking for the latest hot EMS downloads and software? If you're an EMT or paramedic, the good news is that there are some great apps and software available to help you do your job more efficiently.

Informed is one source for some the best EMS downloads. They're a reputable company that's been in business for 25 years publishing reference guides for medical professionals. You might know of them from their pocket sized EMS Field Guide, which is commonly used by professionals. You might even own your own copy.

In 2010, they started making interactive apps for medical professionals that can be downloaded onto a variety of devices. The Critical Care ACLS Guide, the EMS ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Guide and the EMS BLS (Basic Life Support) Guide are all available for downloading from iTunes. They also make the NIMS ICS Guide, the EMS Pediatric Guide and the Fire Officer Field Guide, all of which receive special mentions on iTunes 'What's Hot'. The EMS ACLS Guide is the top selling medical app for the Android and the Critical Care ACLS and EMS BLS Guides are in the top ten sellers for that device.

Finding the right EMS downloads for your mobile device can save you time and help you save lives. Also, if you're still in EMS training, these apps can be lifesaver when it comes to studying.

Here are some others hot EMS downloads to consider:

Google Translate is a great EMS download that allows you to translate your voice into a foreign language. Just speak into your device and it will translate back in a clear voice so your patient can understand what you're saying, or vice-versa. This can be a tremendous help in the field when you're assisting someone who doesn't speak English and isn't able to communicate with you.

Another useful EMS download is Epocrates. It's a mobile drug reference app for pill recognition, drug interactions, medical math, algorhythms and dosage information. There's a free version, Epocrates Rx, and a more complete version called Epocrates Essentials that features drug reference and lab and disease information. They also have a free web version called Epocrates online. Their products are available for iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Android, Palm and Windows Mobile, as well as for online use.

Scanner Radio is an EMS download that lets you listen to communications from public safety agencies. It's great for monitoring EMS and police traffic without having to use your radio.

A great EMS download called Droid Light lets you use the flash on your phone camera as a high powered light and is great in situations when you need extra illumination or don't have a penlight handy.

Medscape is a great EMS download that's available to medical workers. It has over 7,000 drug references, more than 3,500 disease clinical references, a drug interaction tool, plus thousands of clinical images and procedural videos. It's a great resource for anyone in the medical field and even better, it's free.




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