Light Weight Economical Spine Board Aids in Proper Immobilization

end picture Lake City, PA - The Trauma Board 450, from Trauma Technologies, Inc., provides another option to Trauma's spine board family of products. The 450 weighs in at just 13.5lbs and has a carrying capacity of up to 450lbs. It is fast becoming a favorite among EMS professionals due to its light weight and affordability.

The Trauma Board 450 continues its time proven benefits like adjustment in patient head-to-torso positioning, adding stability to the patient's cervical regions, centering the patient on the board which also decreases pain and results in easier transportation. The new design in trauma spine boards - central concavity that does not run the full length of the board - is intended to make patient immobilization and transportation more secure, while adding benefits in patient comfort and safety.

The lightweight Trauma Board 450 is sized to store in emergency vehicles, trailers and ambulances and has a 2-inch taper, making it easier to access patients in smaller areas for extrication. Trauma boards are 100% X-Ray translucent and will not interfere with X-Ray interpretation. Specialized pinned slotted area accommodates standard straps to fit smaller patients.

The concavity of the Trauma Board 450 works by positioning some of the torso lower in relation to the head. In pediatric patients, the transition area to flat head area will help to lay the head back, helping to preserve the cervical canal and further protecting the cervical spine in more patients.

The board features strap holes and large elevated handles to better accommodate EMT personnel and ease of movement.

For more information on how Trauma Technologies, Inc. can provide "patient comfort through product innovation" with spine boards, pads and accessories, go to or call (814) 774-8219.

About Trauma Technologies, Inc.
Trauma Technologies, Inc is an emergency medical products design and marketing company. The products are developed from practical, common sense knowledge and many years of hands-on "real life" experience in the ER. Trauma Technologies, Inc. has also patented new technology in maximizing patient comfort with emergency equipment through Spine Board Pressure Relief Gel, better known as PRO-TECH Gel.

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