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Pulsara in Action | A Behavioral Health Patient Journey w. Ute Pass Regional Health Service District

How does Pulsara work in action—when every second counts and patient outcomes are on the line? Watch this live-action retelling of how Ute Pass Regional Health Service District uses Pulsara to support a behavioral health patient. Community paramedics responding to a mental health call can assess the patient, and, using Pulsara’s live video capabilities, connect with a physician to medically clear patients, improve their experience, and get them the help they need. When using Pulsara, care teams can, for any interaction, reduce treatment times, streamline communication, minimize errors, and so much more. Learn more at https://www.pulsara.com today! Special thanks to the awesome staff and clinicians at Ute Pass Regional Health Service District, UCHealth, and Woodland Park High School for helping make this video possible! Thank you for all you do!

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