Canadian study claims advanced EMS care not best in trauma cases

--> Download Research Abstract: Stiell IG, et al "The OPALS Major Trauma Study: Impact of advanced life-support on survival and morbidity" CMAJ 2008; 178(9): 1141-52.
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OTTAWA, Ontario — Trauma patients may be better off being rushed to hospital right away rather than getting advanced treatment by paramedics in the field, a new Canadian study says.

Researchers found that the survival rate among major trauma victims who received basic care by paramedics was almost exactly the same as the survival rate among patients who received advanced care.

The survival rate among 1,373 patients who received basic care was 81.1 per cent, while the survival rate was 81.8 per cent among the 1,494 patients who received advanced care.

Full Story: Extra procedures don't result in increased survival, study says

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