Elbeco Launches Redesigned Web Site Designed to Better Serve Customers

New features include better organization, easier navigation

READING, PA, — Elbeco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of professional performance uniforms, launched of its completely redesigned Web site at www.Elbeco.com. The company, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2007, created the new site to be more responsive to customers.

“Buying a uniform is different from buying any other apparel,” says David Lurio, third-generation owner of the Reading-based maker of police, fire, EMS, tactical, and U.S. Postal Service uniforms. “Throughout our 100-year history, we’ve been a progressive force in this industry, and we want our Web site to convey that quality.”

Making it easier for customers to find information on Elbeco’s extensive catalog of specialty apparel is also a top goal of the redesigned site.

“The men and women who wear uniforms are going to find a site that’s more visually appealing, better organized and easier to navigate, and full of information and images to help them make the best purchasing decisions,” says Elbeco marketing director Mike Vasilik. “And the hundreds of dealers nationwide who sell our products are going to find a site that provides marketing and other support to make their jobs easier.”

The redesigned Web site is part of a larger effort to celebrate Elbeco’s 100 years of success and at the same time establish the framework for a successful future.

“Already this year, we’ve created a new dealer portal on our Web site, we’ve set a new direction with our advertising, and we’ve hired a new director of product development,” says Vasilik. “These and other initiatives demonstrate that Elbeco not only has the experience and expertise of a 100-year-old company, but also the competitive focus and innovativeness of ‘the new kid on the block.’ We’re very determined to be even more successful in our second century in this industry.”

Elbeco manufactures professional performance uniforms for police, tactical, fire, and emergency medical technicians, as well as for U.S. Postal Service employees and airline crews. Since 1907, Elbeco has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of the finest quality uniform garments in the industry. Today, Elbeco continues that tradition by offering uniforms enhanced with advanced technology features that offer greater comfort, value, and style for customers worldwide.

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