Blauer Announces New ArmorSkin Polo – Casual Comfort with a Professional Appearance

Boston, Massachusetts — Blauer is proud to announce the creation of a highly-demanded addition to its popular ArmorSkin® line: the ArmorSkin Polo. By combining the best in materials technology with the casual styling used as the uniform of the day for many in public safety, the ArmorSkin Polo allows for ultimate breathability and heat release for details, traffic, bike patrol, Fire and EMS, and more.

Designed to match the company's breathable uniform polos, the ArmorSkin Polo features a zip–open interlining to make it easy for the user to insert and remove their existing internal armor carrier (including straps), maintaining the carrier's protective properties but moving it outside of the uniform shirt. Constructed of a highly breathable 100% polyester pique fabric, it is also easy to embroider with agency insignia and personnel information, maintaining a professional appearance. Its integrated center mic tab allows for comfortable placement of equipment, and the two–button placket visually integrates with the Blauer polo to look like a continuous uniform garment when worn together.

The ArmorSkin Polo is available in incremental sizes to fit most public safety professionals, and will be available beginning in May 2016. To find out more, visit the product information page at

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