MeDirect is Raising the Bar in Pediatric Medication Administration

November 2015: MeDirect recognizes that medication errors are a major problem in the pediatric population. The National Institute of Health has a study in which they found the error rate to be as high as 17% during simulated pediatric emergencies. This is an alarming statistic which further highlights the need for a better system that minimizes the room for error.

MeDirect’s P.E.D.S. devices are much more than a syringe, pictured below is a standard medical syringe that holds 3 milliliters of volume and is graduated to an accuracy of 0.1 milliliters. Syringes are used to deliver volume of a given medication, dosage of medication to be given must be calculated. In the case of pediatric medicine all doses must be calculated by determining mg/kg then converting this to a volume given the drugs concentration.

The MeDirect P.E.D.S. syringe has eliminated the need for calculation, thus allowing rapid medication administration. By introducing a kilogram scale in addition to the milliliter scale the medical provider can now skip multiple steps and quickly administer medications that are needed. Not only is the process quicker, but also much safer.

Standard (below)

MeDirect P.E.D.S.

Highlights of P.E.D.S.
  1. Medication and concentration specific
  2. Doses patients from 1kg to max pediatric weight
  3. Eliminates the need to calculate
  4. Reduces errors, which improve patient outcomes
  5. Reduces likelihood of costly malpractice cases
  6. Customizable to fit specific needs of a system
  7. Low cost to implement in emergency medical services or hospital system
  8. Multiple applications for cardiac arrest, sedation, pain management, RSI and anti convulsant medications
  9. P.E.D.S. is a syringe system that allows for accurate measurement and medication administration
  10. P.E.D.S. can be used with other systems because of its novelty kilogram scale

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