Front Lines by Eko: Tools for the job

In EMS’s noisy and hectic environment, it can be challenging to provide the best patient care without the proper tools and training. At the Berwyn Fire Company, the department’s tool of choice for patient screening is the 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope. With active noise cancellation and up to 40x amplification, EMS professionals can hear more of what they need, and less of what they don’t, in any environment.

“There are two tools I use on every call - my pen and my stethoscope. Since I first tried the Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope, I have not put it down. I take it on every call with me. The sound is just amazing.” - Tom Dorley, Paramedic Firefighter, Berwyn Fire Company.

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Products featured: 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope

Directed by Chris Bradley

Special Thanks: Emily Nudy, Nam Truong, Thomas Dorley, Eamon Brazunas, Stoddard Taylor, and the entire Berwyn Fire Company.






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