Veinlite LED Draws Raves From Customers Over Improved Venous Access

Here's what some Veinlite users had to say:

"There isn’t a leg sclerotherapy session that I don’t use the Veinlite."
Dr. Asad R. Shamma - Vascular Surgeon

"I was asked to assist in blood draw from an obese patient after several failed attempts by staff. Using my Veinlite LED, I was able to see a superficial vein in the forearm and access it with first attempt."
Dr. Mark Waltzman - Pediatric Emergency Medicine

"My practice consists of phlebology exclusively. I now have been using the Veinlite for six months and, truthfully, cannot imagine practicing without this incredible device."
Dr. Sanford Greenberg

"It is a great demonstration tool when discussing treatment plans with patients, especially to demonstrate the presence of reticular feeding veins. Now I can bring the lite to them and it makes believers out of them."
Dr. Fuad Rmadan

"The Veinlite provides excellent high quality transillumination of the skin and immediate subdermal tissues in fashion allowing exceptional visualization of the reticular venous network on the legs, arms, and other areas."
Dr. Rick Wilson, Plano Dermatology Associates, Plano, Texas.

"I use the Veinlite every day for mapping varicose veins and accessing reticular veins in my sclerotherapy practice."
Dwayne Taylor, Director of Sclerotherapy, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia.

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