Coiled IV Administration Set Innovates Intravenous Fluid Delivery For Pre-Hospital Care

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New Coiled IV Improves on Traditional IV Administration Sets by Conserving Tubing Length Through an Innovative Coiled Tubing Design

Durango, CO – Chinook Medical Gear, Inc., a leading single-source provider of high quality medical products suited to organizations that operate in austere environments, announces the availability of a new Coiled IV Administration Set that revolutionizes intravenous fluid delivery in pre-hospital settings. The product was designed to minimize the clutter created by traditional IV admin sets and is especially well-suited to meet the needs of the armed forces and emergency medical service personnel who are often working in confined spaces and fast-paced evacuations.

What is the Coiled IV Administration Set

The Coiled IV Administration Set uses an original coiled tubing design that makes it adjustable in length from 24" up to 96". Variable tubing lengths allow medics or advanced life support teams to minimize IV tubing interference and greatly reduce the risk of accidental removal of the IV. The Coiled IV's low-profile design lends itself for use in emergency medicine, pre-hospital care, frontline military trauma care, search and rescue operations, medical evacuations (MEDVAC), ambulance transport, and confined space medical stabilization. This new product is available now from Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. for Government, Military, Private Military Contractors, and EMS markets.

About Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
Since 1992, Chinook Medical Gear, Inc. has been a provider of high quality medical products suited to organizations that operate in austere environments. Chinook specializes in offering the latest technology in medical containers, modules, supplies, and kits. Their line of products includes the Gamow Bag (portable hyperbaric chamber), pulse oximeters, oxygen systems, survival gear, insect protection, evacuation and transport equipment, and the latest in trauma, intubation, and resuscitation supplies. A HUB Zone, veteran-owned, small business, Chinook is committed to becoming the leading single source provider of products suited to any emergency medical situation. More information can be found at

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