Established Medical Supply Company Launches New Website with Online Ordering

Paramedics, first responders, and hospitals have enough things to worry about without having to dig up paper invoices or try to figure out when their supply orders are arriving. Thanks to an established medical supply company out of Brooklyn, New York ordering medical supplies online just got a lot easier.

BROOKLYN, NY - Dealmed, Inc. one of the nation's largest medical supply companies has launched their website, offering visitors a plethora of valuable services and options that are rarely found elsewhere online. offers visitors an easy; image based online shopping experience that allows for quick and efficient ordering. Some of the new features include an online order history search that allows for orders up to 2 years old to be displayed. Another impressive feature of Dealmed's new website is their contracted customer pricing option. Current customers of Dealmed that are under contract such as municipalities can login for their contracted price on all items listed on the site. This feature is an industry first that helps keep at the forefront of online medical supply sales.

While the website already offers a slew of products and information, will continue to evolve in the near future. Some aspects planned for the site include a news room with product recall history, a live help chat feature, and a special promotions page.

The success of Dealmed's online and offline business to date is unquestionable. As a leader in the medical supply sales industry, Dealmed currently supplies many hospitals and municipalities throughout the Northeast. With the influx of government grant money to paramedics and first responders Dealmed's business is set to double its 7 figure sales of last year.

Helping to sustain and make the most of their growth, Dealmed will be introducing two new programs catering to their largest client's. One program will be a corporate training and sales program, while the other will be a contract pricing program.

Companies like Dealmed have helped first responders and municipalities focus less on the complex and often confusing task of ordering medical supplies, which in turn has allowed them more time to focus on the health of the people that matter most, their patients.

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