Transport ventilator offers range of therapies

AHP 300 is a full featured ventilator for emergency and inter-facility transport

I recently saw a brand new transport ventilator from Allied Healthcare Products dubbed the AHP 300. The AHP 300 is a full-featured ventilator for emergency and inter-facility transport use. The AHP 300 is an exciting new ventilator for critical care transport paramedics. While I expect it mostly will be used for transports, the fast application should be useful in EMS, too.

Jack Dabrowski, Allied’s product manager, demonstrated to me the many features, functions and basic operation of the AHP 300. The AHP 300 offers 100g shock and vibration and is IPX water-resistant rated.

The AHP 300 offers transport professionals a range of ventilation therapies. It has a flexible array of options including Pressure Control/Volume Control ventilation and SIMV/Assist Control spontaneous breath support. It can do pressure support, PEEP, CPAP and BiPAP.

The AHP 300 is a full-featured ventilator for emergency and inter-facility transport use. (Source Allied Healthcare Products)
The AHP 300 is a full-featured ventilator for emergency and inter-facility transport use. (Source Allied Healthcare Products)

It also offers a quick start adult and child modes, plus it has three custom modes and can be used on patients’ 5KG and up.

What this means to a transport team is they quickly can mimic virtually any current ventilator setting on a critical care transport run. This should help keep hospital staff happy and optimize the continuity of care.

It also has an astonishing 7-hour battery life and can even run from a low-pressure oxygen source. The built-in compressor is frankly the quietest I’ve ever not heard.

The built-in gas blender can be adjusted from 21 percent to 100 percent oxygen. It can be bought in two different colors and either with or without the blender.

There are no menus; every single parameter is on constant display in bright LED lights that can be seen see, even in bright sunlight. While this does take up a fair piece of real estate it offers unprecedented speed.

Every parameter can be monitored and adjusted directly so users can react more quickly to changes in patient condition. It also uses an inexpensive disposable single limb circuit with a very low dead space.

The AHP 300 was also designed to be inexpensive to maintain and quite affordable. At less than $6,500, it’s less than half the price of some competitors. The bargain price will allow more EMS agencies to upgrade and expand their capabilities.


About the author

Dan White, EMT-P works for Intersurgical, Inc. as the National Account Manager for EMS. Immediately prior he ran Arasan, LLC. He served as Sales & Marketing Director for Truphatek, Inc. and before that Director of Corporate Planning & Product Development for AllMed. He has been certified as a paramedic since 1978 and an EMS and ACLS instructor since 1981. Dan has designed many emergency medical products since his first, the White Pulmonary Resuscitator, including the Prolite Speedboad, Cook Needle Decompression Kit and RapTag Triage System. His more recent EMS product designs are the Arasan Ultra EMS Coat and the B2 Paramedic Helmet.

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