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CPR Ventilation for Hamilton-C1/T1/MRI

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- Quick access to preconfigurable settings

- Adequate alarm and trigger adjustment

- CPR timer on the screen

- Display of relevant waveforms and MMPs

The availability of SW v3.0.x, as well as individual features, depends on the specific device and market. Update: CPR ventilation is now also available in the US.

The HAMILTON-C1, HAMILTON-T1, and HAMILTON-MR1 ventilators are our most popular devices. Combining big performance with a compact size, these three ventilators are ideal companions for all patient groups in different applications.

The software update v3.0.x brings many new features* and improvements:

- New graphical user interface (GUI)

-Individualized, lung-protective ventilation with INTELLiVENT®-ASV®

- CPR ventilation

- Upgraded high flow oxygen therapy

- Volume Support mode

- Digital solutions for respiratory care: Hamilton Connect Module and App

- Remote access to HAMILTON-H900 controls and status

- Greater visibility of TeslaSpy alarms *Not all features are available in all markets.

Learn more about the new HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1 v3.0.x:

Learn more about Hamilton Connect:

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