Prodaptive Medical Solves Your Problems with Cross Contamination and Clean Medical Field Isolation

Until now one of the major sources of contamination in the sterile/clean medical field has been from the patient in one form or another, and often requires suctioning to manage.

The Stal provides you and your team with benefits that save you money, time and equipment, providing a secure solution to the all too common contamination control problems inherent in the use of the Yankauer suction instrument.

Three Problems solved at once! Contamination Happens – we all know that. It’s just that it happens at the least opportune moment and usually results in the proverbial “s.n.a.f.u.” causing at least annoyance, at worst - life-threatening adverse conditions.

"I did a messy arrest yesterday where the FR's had grossly over ventilated the patient causing gastric insufflations and distention resulting in a continuous flow of vomitus which was subsequently disgorged into the oral cavity and trachea / pulmonary system. With the new CPR technique of continuous compressions at 100/minute there was a staccato ejection of vomit from her mouth during airway management procedures which naturally involved much suctioning of the oro-pharynx with the Yankauer catheter and suction tubing alone.

I put the STAL on the Yankauer first and when switching to the tubing alone, transferred the STAL to the tubing. The STAL ended up covered in vomit, but still allowed visualization while blocking the pumped out matter. The point of this being that whether the patient is breathing or actively vomiting or coughing, or if that is artificially generated splash and splatter protection is required and provided effectively by the STAL Shield and Stand."

The Stal Shield significantly reduces contamination from the source by:
1.Effectively blocking it’s trajectory.
2.Keeping the contaminated Yankauer clear of the clean field.
3.Keeping the soiled field away from the Yankauer.
4.Limiting the soiling of the Yankauer to it’s distal half.
5.Providing significant resistance to the Yankauer being dragged off its resting surface.
6.Crystal clear construction allowing for unfettered visualization.

About Proadaptive Medical:
Prodaptive Medical was formed to develop and market solutions to problems and shortcomings in equipment used in the medical field both pre-hospital and in-house. The partnership of two well seasoned emergency care providers with overlapping areas of practice and responsibility has proven invaluable in the development of Prodaptive's first product to market, the Stal Shield. The Stal Shield and Stand arose from an obvious need to enhance the biohazard concerns inherent in the use of the Yankauer suction device. While initially designed as a shielding device, once it was into the prototype stage it became apparent that it served various other functions very well.

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