Over 50,000 Emergency Responders Now Use IamResponding.com to Reduce Response Times

IamResponding.com has surpassed a significant milestone, and is now used by more than 50,000 emergency responders to reduce their response times to emergency incidents.

IamResponding.com enables emergency responders to immediately inform their chiefs, team leaders, other members of their department or team, and dispatchers if, when and where they are responding to emergency incidents. IamResponding.com is used by fire departments, EMS agencies, specialty response teams, and any emergency response entities that rely on out-of-station personnel for any portion of their emergency response.

Emergency response agencies across the country regularly report reduced response times as the direct result of their use of IamResponding.com because they know immediately if there is an adequate response en route. When necessary, second activations and mutual aid requests can be made much sooner, and command decisions and duty assignments can be made before members even arrive.

Dispatch centers are able to monitor the IamResponding.com system for all of the agencies in their dispatch territory. Dispatchers know much sooner when additional activations are necessary, without the need for any direct communication with the dispatched entities or their members. This reduces response times, and significantly reduces telephone and radio traffic. IamResponding.com’s mass notification system also provides dispatch centers with a fully redundant method of instantly communicating with every member of the emergency response entities in their dispatch territory.

IamResponding.com’s web-based scheduling system enables chiefs, members and dispatchers to immediately view who is currently on duty, and where. Even in departments and agencies that do not schedule formal duty crews, members use the scheduling system to advise their department of their in-town availability or out-of-town unavailability. With this, chiefs and other officers can constantly assess their in-town, available personnel resources at any given moment.

There are many other simple to use and valuable features of IamRespodning.com, including certification date tracking, a calendaring system, and the tracking of the in and out-of-service status of vehicles.

With its web-based simplicity, no software is required to use IamResponding.com, and individual departments can be fully operational on this system within less than 24 hours. IamResponding.com offers completely free, no-obligation, 2-month trials.

For more information, please visit IamResponding.com or call Dan Seidberg at (315) 701-1372 ext. 11.

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