Emergency Workers Trained By TrainSTAT Learn How To Respond To A Dirty Bomb Incident

NORRISTOWN, Penn., - According to a recent survey by Senator Richard Lugar, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a Dirty Bomb is our countries greatest Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) threat with a 40% chance of an incident on US soil within the next 10 years. This threat requires that emergency workers learn how to respond to such an incident. A recent poll conducted by the Journal for Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), found that 82% of emergency responders currently do not feel prepared to respond to a Dirty Bomb incident. There is a clear need for continuing education for emergency service workers to properly prepare for this threat.

Training is now available.

TrainSTAT Inc. worked with one of the worlds leading experts in the field of WMD response, Dr. (COL) William Bograkos, to develop a web based interactive training program to meet the needs of our emergency responders. The program is accredited by the Continuing Education Certification Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS.org) and provides two hours of continuing education credits for First Responders, EMT’s, and Paramedics upon completion of the course. This training is the first of its kind and is available online at www.trainstat.com.

As a public service, Trainstat Inc. is also offering a short course targeted for the general public to provide the critical information they need to protect themselves in the even of a Dirty Bomb incident.

For more information or to view a demo of this course, please visit www.trainstat.com or contact TrainSTAT at contactus@trainstat.com

The Lugar Study on Proliferation Threats and Responses and the whitepaper on the Future of Distance Learning for Emergency Services are both available at http://www.trainstat.com/TrainStat/files/default.aspx .

About TrainSTAT
TrainSTAT Inc. utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver interactive web based training for emergency workers which includes audio, video, 3D animations, and interactivity. Combined with their Course Forums, students receive access to the expert instructors that can answer their questions and continue the dialogue put forth within the training program. Their goal is to change the way emergency workers learn by focusing on meaningful, timely and relevant topics delivered using next generation blended learning methods.

Contact Information:
Robert DeMaria – President
Phone 877-81-TRAIN | E-Mail: Robert@trainstat.com

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