Unified Solutions releases simple application for Fire Department Truck Checks

PITTSBURGH, Pa., - Unified Solutions is pleased to announce its easy-to-use TruckChecks application as part of their Fire Department Software Platform. Unified’s TruckChecks is a fleet management application that excludes all of the extra software administration for a clear fill-in-the-blank solution.

Key Features include: 

● Vehicle Inspection Check Sheets

● Maintenance Management

● Certification/Licensing Notifications

Unified’s Truck Checks has an easy-to-use homepage which makes for an easy way to begin a shift and an easy way to manage your fleet. On the homepage, users have direct access to a vehicle's complete history including service, cost history, and routine checks.

Admins can take advantage of the platforms customization features and easily create vehicle inventory logs that are tailored to their agency’s needs depending on the type of vehicle (Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Ambulance). The customized logs are then saved for that specific vehicle. All field employees have to do is simply check a box.

Unified’s TruckChecks app is fully integrated. For example: when the inventory is edited, timestamps are auto-populated and a user’s credentials are saved. This makes it easier for Admins to know when the logs are updated and ensure that everything is compliant.

To demo the application for free, visit:

About Unified
Unified Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative software company that focuses on the first responder community. They are currently in 27 states, many countries, multiple languages and expanding fast. They provide a comprehensive software suite NFIRS, CheckSheets, ePCR, Crew Scheduling, Inventory, Hydrants, and more. Since their founding in 2014, they have worked to make software solutions faster, more accessible, easier-to-use, and more data-driven.

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