Unified Solutions Launches CheckSheets Software for Fire Departments

PITTSBURGH, PA — Unified Solutions is pleased to announce its redefining CheckSheets software. Their CheckSheets application has been built to enhance your department’s inventory and documentation management needs, reduce your paperwork hassle, and get you back to what you love doing most.

Personalized and User Friendly

It seems to be that every few years, firehouse management reinvents the inventory and truck check wheel. While your crew is taking time to learn the newest system, oversights and lost paperwork are inevitable. Unified has worked tirelessly to not only prevent that but personalize your CheckSheets to suit your department’s needs. Our state-of-the-art system is so easy to learn, even your most undercaffeinated lieutenant can learn it without an issue.

Built by You

CheckSheets are not only built for firefighters, but by firefighters. Firefighters from across the country have helped create a system that takes everything your administration needs and puts it in one convenient place.

Managing your seemingly endless list of CheckSheets has never been easier. Weekly Truck Inventory, Post Vehicular Incident Reports, Device CheckSheets, and even individual Device CheckSheets are easily organized and assigned with just a few clicks.

Everything in Its Place

In a line of work where your front-line personnel is frequently exposed to a variety of hazards, Unified Solutions works to let you efficiently fill out exposure reports, give immediate copies to affected workers, and keep it all in one convenient location. CheckSheets will directly connect each report to your employee’s medical records, as well as instantly connect to the incident report, eliminating searching through dozens of files on your desktop.

These CheckSheets are an important reminder that while your soot-covered helmet may look cool for social media, thorough decontamination is not only necessary, but a thorough process. Gone are the excuses of forgetting proper procedure, our preventative CheckSheets enable even the greenest of firefighters to decontaminate every piece of equipment needed to have a long career. Unified’s user-friendly applications have revolutionized the way fire departments do ePCRs and inventory. Unified Solutions understands your job is tough enough; your paperwork shouldn't be the hardest part of your day.

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About Unified

Unified Solutions is a fast-growing, innovative software company that focuses on the first responder community. They are currently in 27 states, many countries, multiple languages, and expanding fast. They provide a comprehensive software suite including NFIRS, ePCR, Crew Scheduling, Inventory, Hydrants, and more. Since their founding in 2014, they have worked to make software solutions faster, more accessible, easier to use , and more data-driven .

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