Alameda County EMS Adopts Pre-Hospital Records and Hospital Interoperability Software from Beyond Lucid Technologies for its Community Paramedicine Program

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Alameda County Emergency Medical Services and the City of Alameda Fire Department have deployed new software to support an emerging prehospital healthcare model.  In conjunction with the Affordable Care Act, "Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health" aims to avoid hospital readmissions and refer patients who frequently use the 9-1-1 system to alternate community resources that may be more appropriate to address routine non-emergent care and mental health needs.

Alameda County's Community Paramedicine team will use the MEDIVIEW™ patient care records platform developed by Beyond Lucid Technologies (, a Concord, CA-based healthcare IT startup.  The software includes pre-hospital health information exchange; longitudinal charting to track patients over time; built-in telemedicine so medical directors can see patients while Community Paramedics are at the bedside; and operational tools including visit scheduling, dispatch, and analytics.  Alameda County EMS's adoption of MEDIVIEW™ was partly supported by a grant from the California HealthCare Foundation.  The funds will be used to deploy new "data bridges" that carry encounter data into hospitals' electronic health record systems using the latest interoperability standards.

"The California HealthCare Foundation is working in partnership with the California Emergency Medical Services Authority in implementing Community Paramedicine in a dozen communities across the state," said Sandra Shewry, the foundation's VP of External Engagement. "California is one of several states looking at how to best deploy paramedic resources to serve underserved communities. We are pleased to support the Alameda partnership with Beyond Lucid Technologies to improve the information available for patient care."

Christian Witt, Co-Founder, President & Chief Technology Officer of Beyond Lucid Technologies, said, "Our company is committed to innovation that helps pre-hospital care providers capture, track, and securely share patient data across the care continuum. We're honored to have been chosen by Alameda County EMS, Alameda Fire, and the California HealthCare Foundation to improve access to care while lowering costs and avoiding readmissions."

"When Alameda Fire was chosen to be part of the California Community Paramedicine project, I called various existing [CP/MIH] programs to research what they were utilizing for their charting program," said Gail Porto, EMS and Community Paramedicine Coordinator for the City of Alameda Fire Department. "I found that, without exception, no one was truly happy with what they were using…I met with Jonathon and Chris from Beyond Lucid and found them to be as enthusiastic about the endeavor as I was. It has truly been a pleasure working with Beyond Lucid on this project. I have never worked with a software company that was so interested in and responsive to our needs."

About Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc. 
Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc., is a health-and-safety IT firm founded at Carnegie Mellon University that develops software to make EMS, Community Paramedicine, and medical transportation safe, efficient, and cost-effective. The company won a 2014 EMS WorldInnovation Award and a 2015 Journal of EMS "Hot Product" award.

SOURCE Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.


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