40 emergency vehicles, 120 rescue workers respond to bus crash in Romania

3 children were killed and triage was established for those injured after the bus overturned around a curve on a wet road


BUCHAREST, Romania — Over 120 rescue personnel and 40 ambulances, intervention and extrication equipment were dispatched at the site of the coach accident occurred on Wednesday morning within the boundaries of the Baldovinesti commune - Braila County, informs a release of Braila County prefect Nicu Olteanu.

Given the high number of casualties, the Red Plan of intervention was promptly activated after the accident, and the intervention operation was coordinated by the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"In order to efficiently handle the emergency, 120 personnel and 40 intervention vehicles reported to the site, specifically 19 ambulances, four water and foam fire engines, two extrication trucks and 15 utility vehicles of the Braila Inspectorate for Emergencies, the Braila County Police Inspectorate, the Braila County Gendarmes Unit, the Braila County Ambulance Service, the 'Ambulance for You' Service, the Galati Emergency Ward, the Galati Inspectorate for Emergencies, and the Galati County Ambulance Service," said prefect Olteanu.

There was a triage of the victims, depending on the severity of their injuries, and they were taken to the Emergency Departments of the Braila County Emergency Hospital and of the Galati County Emergency Hospital, respectively, with 24 admitted to the first facility and three to the second.

"Consul of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Eugen Rusu, took action in support of the victims, arriving in Braila on August 19, 2015. Through the care of the local public authorities, seven people who sustained only minor injuries were accommodated at the dorm house of the 'Edmond Nicolau' Technical College where they were offered warm meals. Ten persons were released from hospital overnight and accommodated at the same place. The 17 persons left for the Republic of Moldova on 20 August 2015, and depending on their evolution, the patients admitted to hospital will be repatriated too," Nicu Olteanu said.

A delegation from the Moldovan city of Cahul arrived on Thursday in Braila to take over the bodies of the accident victims, asses the condition of the injured and decide on how to transport them to the Republic of Moldova.

The Braila County prefect thanked all the intervention structures and the local authorities involved, conveying also condolences to the mourning families.

Three children died and some two dozen people were injured in a serious coach accident occurred on Wednesday morning within the boundaries of the Baldovinesti commune, on National Road DN2B Braila - Galati, after a coach carrying 35 Moldovan tourists and three Turkish crew (the guide and two drivers) overturned in a curve, most probably because of speed inappropriate for the wet road. 


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