Regions Hospital (MN) Provides EMS Coverage for the St. Paul Saints Minor League Baseball Team- Assisted by Aladtec

St. Paul, MN (October, 2014)- Take me out to the ballgame - typically doesn’t end with they took me out on a gurney - but isn’t it reassuring to know there’s dedicated medical staff behind the scenes if something were to happen?  With that said, the process of scheduling and managing an EMS team for special events can be challenging.

“Some of the challenges of scheduling EMT’s for minor league baseball, are the variety of game times.  There are day games, night games, afternoon games, they can be during the week and/or on weekends.  There's also a whole lot of schedule changing that goes on with our EMS staff.  Naturally, things come up, we try to schedule a month at a time but frequently it ends up getting stretched out to two months ahead of time.  Life changes in the meantime, so employee schedule changes are to be expected too.  Since we we use Aladtec - our staff can simply put in a trade request and then I can approve it or deny it with the touch of a button within the software system,” explains David Radatz, EMS Specialist, Regions Hospital EMS, St. Paul, Minnesota.  “Or, an employee can give up a shift and qualified staff gets notified through the system that there’s a shift available.  Then, that open shift can be picked up by someone else through the system.  I don’t have to make countless phone calls trying to fill the shift - it’s all accomplished very efficiently through our Aladtec system - it’s so easy.”

Radatz schedules a pool of 31 EMTs for the St. Paul Saints baseball home games that run from mid-April through the end of August. The EMT’s generally don’t exclusively work the Saints’ games, so their schedules are as varied as the baseball team’s schedule.  “What’s nice about using Aladtec is that we EMTs can go in and submit our availability, then we can log-in to the system to see all our shifts and any available shifts.  We can easily sign up for an open shift or trade shifts between ourselves as needed,” says Nick Danley, EMT Basic, Regions EMS, St. Paul, MN.

Since Aladtec is available via the Internet, administrators and EMTs can access the schedule 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or mobile device.  

“The advantage of Aladtec’s mobile web app is that it allows employees and administrators schedule access, anytime and anywhere, on our smartphone or laptop,” adds Radatz. “One of the things that works out really well for me is that with the Aladtec system, I get notifications on my cell phone that there's been a change or a trade request.  Frequently, I'm not at the office and I'm able to easily address the change on my phone or laptop, and take care of the schedule from wherever I am - just as easily as I can in my office.”

Radatz indicates he’s received quite a few emails from his employees regarding how much they like the Aladtec system.  They appreciate being notified of open shifts as soon as they are available.

“There’s enough people in our group that as soon as one of us can’t work a shift, somebody else can pick it up right away through the Aladtec system.  I think it’s great - very user friendly, flexible and easy to access,” states Danley.

About Regions EMS:  Regions Hospital EMS provides medical oversight for more than 35 ambulance services and EMS agencies in the Twin Cities East Metro area and Western Wisconsin. They employ more than 1,300 first responders, EMTs, paramedics and nurses to support the medical needs within the communities they serve.

About Aladtec:  Aladtec is the proud provider of online employee scheduling and workforce management software.  Over 1,300 organizations, from a variety of industries, count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency.  For information about Aladtec’s affordable industry specific options, or to try a free trial, please visit

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