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Real Life Training Without Real Life Consequences [Virtual Reality EMS Training]

What would you do if you could train for a real life medical emergency while avoiding any real life consequences? VRpatients can help you do just that. VRpatients offers practitioners and trainers real life training by immersing them into realistic scenes where they interact with a patient inside a scenario in real-time. The system grades every aspect of the user’s response based on the trainer’s preferred protocols. Every aspect of the case scene is fully customizable - from the patient’s presenting symptoms, to the environment. The practitioner interviews, assesses, treats and transports the patient in a timed window, and can repeat the scenario as many times as needed until skill mastery. Trainers can also objectively assess a student/practitioners critical thinking skills and field readiness. Available online or in fully immersive VR using a VR headset, it’s the closest you can come to real life training without real life consequences. Watch this video to see how it works.

More about VRpatients:

VRpatients is a physiologically-based healthcare training application that immerses users into virtual clinical case scenarios where they can interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real-time.

In less than 30 minutes, educators and trainers can build the clinical cases based on their own protocols using the application’s intuitive case authoring tool that comes equipped with lifelike patient modeling, realistic moulage and animations presented in over 25 living environments.

The cases are brought to life for students, who are assigned a case before "going inside" the application to interact directly with the patient avatar and treat in real-time.

Following case completion, students’ critical thinking skills and competency are objectively assessed using VRpatients’ enhanced grading rubric. Students can learn from their mistakes and repeat a case as many times as needed for skill mastery.

Available through a remote, online platform or in full immersion using a VR headset, VRpatients gives educators and trainers indisputable insight into a student or practitioner’s knowledge and readiness for patient care in the field. It’s real life training without real life consequences.

Check out VRPatients: https://vrpatients.com

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