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Health Scholars ACLS Virtual Reality Training for First Responders

Virtual Reality (VR) simulation training designed in accordance with AHA guidelines specifically for first responders. Learners play the role of the team lead running an in-home mega code and are provided thirteen total scenarios that reflect cardiac and non-cardiac arrest scenarios. Learners identify rhythms and direct virtual team members to shock, give meds, and/or perform CPR as necessary. Simulates an in-home scenario with virtual team members and common real-life distractions.

  • Trains and validates competencies for all core AHA algorithms.
  • Drills proper team management communication skills.
  • Drills situational awareness.
  • Drills proper hospital notification.
  • Provides an extensive debrief
  • Provides detailed learner readiness reporting

Learn More at https://healthscholars.com/acls-for-ems/

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