EMS podcast: 2 important tips for new podcast hosts

In Start Your Own Podcast: 10 Steps, Jamie Davis — the Podmedic — outlined his essential steps for starting a podcast. Jamie asked me to share two additional and important tips for new podcasters:

1. Record several shows before adding your Podcast RSS feed to the directories
You might decide that podcasting isn’t for you, and there is no easy way to take your podcasts off the RSS directories once they are posted. To ensure some kind of variation in your posts, I recommend doing four or five episodes to get your flow going. This will also give your listeners something else to listen to while they wait for a new episode. By the time they have listened to all five, they will be looking forward to the next episode.

2. Listen to your shows — the whole show — after you record each one
This will help you improve each time you record a new episode, tweaking your style and format as you go. Nothing you decided about the content and format is written in stone so if you need to make your opening segment longer and add to the middle to provide more content that is fine. You won’t know how the show flows unless you listen to it.

Good luck, and welcome to podcasting! Contact Jamie and me when your podcast is live. We would be honored to share your programs with our readers and listeners, and we look forward to listening, too!

Read more about each of Jamie's 10 Steps for Starting an EMS Podcast. You will also find a Free Video Tip on Podcasting from Jamie Davis — the Podmedic.

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