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Applying Ideas from EMS Expo

The doors just closed at EMS Expo 2009 in Atlanta. Attendees from around the world are returning home.

Did you go to Expo? Which presentations were the best? How many new ideas did you get from speakers, vendors, and other attendees? I always leave conference presentations with a long list of ideas to use as an EMS professional, share with my colleagues, and ask my employer about. These are my tips for turning those great conference ideas and aspirations into action in the days, weeks, and months after the conference.

1. Stop reading now and make a list if you have not already (I think a handwritten list is better because you will have something to tack up or take with you), of at least 10 ideas you got at the conference. Try to include ideas that apply to you — personally and professionally — as well as ideas to implement in your organization.

2. Review your list. Mark items as personal or professional.

3. You should have some items that can be done quickly and others that might take you weeks or months to implement. That is OK.

4. Pick one easy to item on your list and do it right now.

Welcome back. What did you do? Cross that item off your list.

5. Prioritize the items on your list. Pick a few to complete in the next few days. Build on your early successes.

6. Post the list at your desk or some other place where you will see it frequently in the days to come.

My post-expo list:

1. Write two articles for EMS1.com about turning conference presentation and exhibit hall ideas into action (completed on the plane ride home).

2. Compose handwritten notes to people that supported and encouraged me as a speaker at EMS Expo (composed and ready to send on Monday).

Thanks for sharing your ideas and actions in the comments area. I hope to connect with you at the next EMS conference.

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