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Create realistic patient assessment training scenarios

Updated April 3, 2015

I have only responded to a few 911 calls at a high school, college, or training center. In every case the patient was in a hallway, lunch room, or athletics area. I have yet to find a patient seated in a chair at a desk or conference table. Also, I have worked very few chest pain or cardiac arrest calls where the patient started on a cot or hospital bed at waist level. Instead, I find patients in the following locations:

     • On the floor
     • In bed
     • In a recliner
     • On the commode
     • In their car
     • At a table in a busy restaurant
     • In a nursing home bed 18” off of the floor
     • On the pitcher’s mound
     • Sitting on the curb

Where do you find patients?

As you prepare patient assessment training scenarios for your students or service members, stage the scenarios in the locations where you actually find patients. Like I said, finding a patient sitting at a conference table in a classroom is relatively rare.

Post your pictures of patient assessment training scenarios in likely locations at EMSConnect.com.

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