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1 simple question to increase audience participation

Tackling the difficult challenge of encouraging participation by asking this simple question and waiting for a response

"A type of shock?"


"Vo... Vol... Shock?"


"Volume Shock."

Enticing, encouraging and cajoling members to participate during any type of training program is one of the most difficult challenges trainers and educators face. Regardless of the setting, use this tip to improve participation.

Instead of saying, "Do you have any questions," try asking, "What questions do you have?"

Then count to 10 slowly in your head. This gives audience members the time to think of a question, organize how to say it, and then ask it. This is really hard, but count slowly! Counting 10 seconds will seem like an agonizing amount of dead air, but it works.

Keep using the exact phrase, “What questions do you have?” and members will soon start learning the prompt; after just a few sessions, they will be asking questions before you count to five seconds.

How do you encourage EMS audience participation? Share your tips and tricks in the comments area below.

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