Superior Life Support Inc. announces superior bleeding control program

VALENCIA, Calif.  Superior Life Support Inc. announced immediate availability of The Superior Bleeding Control Program, which aims to empower both community members and medical professionals to act when a bleeding emergency happens. Superior Life Support has an outstanding reputation as a leader in the field of high-quality training, with over 17 years of experience under the American Heart Association. They have operated as a support system to thousands of independent and entrepreneurial instructors who make teaching skills such as, CPR, AED, First Aid and more, their living. The President of Superior Life Support (SLS), Thomas Stafford, now a retired LAFD Captain and active Paramedic, along with CEO, Nicola Stafford, a now retired RN, who collectively bring over 60 years of experience in the pre-hospital and in-hospital arena, started the business with a goal of improving patient outcomes.

Just four years ago, the President and CEO of SLS were attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival when the unimaginable happened, an active shooter opened fire on the crowd, killing 58 and injuring about 600. Mr. Stafford was a victim at this event, and what he and Mrs. Stafford witnessed that night was unfortunate and very sad. What stood out to them was that bystanders were unsure of how to help or what to do besides waiting for emergency services to arrive. This event inspired the vision to create a new type of bleeding control course that would teach people what to do when a bleeding emergency happens. Superior Life Support immediately reached out to the national campaign, “Stop the Bleed,” to partner and advocate for as many people as possible to learn these vital skills.

“This is an amazing course, that empowers people to feel confident to act in an emergency and increase the chance that lives will be saved, while waiting for EMS to arrive,” said Britt Hanish, Director of Programs at Superior Life Support Inc. Ms. Hanish is an active Paramedic with a rich background in education and a passion to help anyone needing information or training. “With the outbreak of COVID-19, traditional training has been hindered, and we felt that creating an online program, would serve as a better way to deliver this vital information, to as many people as possible,” stated Justin Frye, Director of Business Development at Superior Life Support.

Positive Customer Impact

Many businesses and instructors have benefited from teaching The Superior Bleeding Control Program both in the United States and abroad. Patrick Emerson of Rescue Factor 360, an independent instructor, recently committed to The Superior Bleeding Control Program to businesses where he is contracted, as well as offers this to his customers in general and anyone looking to become trained in life-saving measures. The Superior Bleeding Control Program gives instructors a tool to empower others to ensure our communities are prepared to face emergencies.

“A course like this is sorely needed and can make such a positive impact in many different ways,” said Patrick Emerson of Rescue Factor 360. “Although there are resources in the marketplace, in my experience, nothing compares to the quality and information delivered in The Superior Bleeding Control course.”

The Superior Bleeding Control Program Availability

The Superior Bleeding Control Program is an online and fully interactive course, designed with micro-burst learning strategies, a standardized curriculum, and knowledge checks to enforce learning. The course is fully accredited by ACCME and CAPCE and is available 24/7 in an online format. Superior Life Support Inc.’s commitment to all who take this course is to deliver high-quality training, with learner competence and confidence being the driving factors. The Superior Bleeding Control Program is available immediately at

Founded in 2004, Superior Life Support Inc. is a national leader in training and safety products for community members, businesses, and the healthcare arena. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower others in life-saving practices, at home, the workplace, around the community, and in healthcare.

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