DiaMedical USA Announces Loaded Emergency Packs for EMS Training

West Bloomfield, MI – DiaMedical USA and SimLabSolutions are proud to introduce their newest line of exclusive EMS simulation products with the launch of Loaded Emergency Packs™ for EMS education and training.  These packs will help EMS instructors successfully integrate simulation scenarios into National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Portfolio Project psychomotor skills testing, continuing education, or hands-on training exercises.  Loaded Emergency Packs™ are filled with all the supplies and simulated medications needed for pre-service and in-service training. 

Loaded Emergency Packs™ were developed in response to the challenge of providing cost-effective quality training for first responders in a continuously evolving and increasingly complex emergency response environment.  These packs have been designed by EMS professionals and simulation specialists to provide a new level of realism and precision to EMS education.  Jeffery Ambrose, President of DiaMedical USA, said, “Loaded Emergency Packs™ were created as a cost-effective solution for EMS instructors looking to maximize instruction time and provide a level of practical training that will lead to success in the classroom and in the field.”  Loaded Emergency Packs™ come in four configurations and should be used together for comprehensive simulation scenarios.

  • Simulated Medication Box – Stocked with the most common simulated medications used in EMS in a rugged EMS medication box.
  • Loaded Pediatric Pack – Each color-coded kit in this pack has all the appropriately sized equipment for pediatric emergencies.
  • Loaded ALS Pack – Includes airway kit with laryngoscope, IV training supplies, and more.
  • Loaded BLS Pack – All the equipment needed to practice basic EMT skills in a cost-effective pack.

DiaMedical USA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment for healthcare and public safety education.  SimLabsolutions is a division of DiaMedical USA and exclusive provider of Loaded Emergency Packs™ and Loaded Crash Carts™.

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