New Incident Command First Responder Training Simulations from Visual Purple

Satisfy ICS/IS 100 and 200 Level Training …and excel

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - The future of training is here! With the Visual Purple ICS Training Series, First Responders can now train for ICS/ IS 100 and 200 levels anytime, anywhere via the Web. Designed for all experience levels, this three part 3D-animated simulation series provides opportunities to interact with a WMD expert and learn Incident Command basics; plan how to protect your city in time of crisis; then, armed with this knowledge and experience, test your mettle as Incident Commander as you make key decisions while a diabolical anthrax plot unfolds. Since “one size” doesn’t fit all, play each of three simulations from the perspective of any one of six first responder roles: Fire Chief; Police Chief; EMS Chief; EMA Chief; Hazmat Chief; or, Public Health Officer.

Training and certification are necessary, but they don’t have to be boring. Now you have a choice! Visual Purple simulations put the learner in the thick of the action, accurately depicting the complex interactivity found in the real world where each participant’s actions immediately impact and alter important aspects of their sphere of influence. Experience entertaining, interactive instruction, designed to achieve the highest levels of retention by placing the learner in a “hear-see-do” learning environment. By actively participating in the training, learners are able to reduce training time and fill the gap between table top exercises and real world experiences. This training, developed for and used by first responders, is ideal for learners tasked with understanding how agencies implement ICS during a real disaster.

Visual Purple has created a variety of training simulations for government agencies, the military, and Fortune 500 companies. The Visual Purple ICS Training Series encompasses training requirements for all entry-level first responders as mandated by FEMA and NIMS, through Presidential and Homeland Security Directives Five and Eight. Enhanced technology and cinematic storylines make Visual Purple simulations entertaining, while educating the learner on ICS 100 and 200 level concepts.

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, Visual Purple is launching its ICS Training Series Simulations for America’s First Responders, offering learners cutting-edge training through this hands-on three-part simulation series. Time to completion is 6-11 hours per role across the ICS Training Series. A single-seat license with access to all six roles is $59.95 with tiered, volume pricing available. And we dare say… they’re fun to play!

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