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Now in its third year, the EMS Leadership Summit Global Virtual Conference is being held September 8-12, 2021. With over 5,000 participants expected to attend and more than 30 expert presenters, The EMS Leadership Summit (ELS21) promises to be an extraordinary opportunity to learn from industry experts from around the world. It is free to attend The EMS Leadership Summit and since it is 100% online, you don’t have to incur any travel costs.

The world-class speakers are addressing subjects that are essential for EMS leaders to impact one of the biggest concerns facing our industry – recruitment and retention. Presentations cover topics including leadership development, culture and people maintenance, professionalism, the future of EMS, advocacy and provider wellbeing.

One of these needs was highlighted in the 2021 EMS Trend Report as 27% of providers leave their employer for the benefit of career advancement. “EMS agencies must create leadership development programs to assist providers in understanding the science of leadership and assist their search for next-level EMS positions,” Chris Cebollero, president/CEO for Cebollero and Associates, noted in the Trend Report.

Presentations at The EMS Leadership Summit will cover leadership development, culture and people maintenance, professionalism, the future of EMS, advocacy and provider wellbeing.
Presentations at The EMS Leadership Summit will cover leadership development, culture and people maintenance, professionalism, the future of EMS, advocacy and provider wellbeing.

This specific topic is being tackled in a presentation by Scott Moore, Esq., EMT, owner of Moore EMS Consulting, and an active EMT for over 30 years. He has held various executive positions, including chief executive officer, and is currently a human resources and operational consultant to the American Ambulance Association (AAA).

Moore’s presentation, “Climbing the professional ladder – Steps to being a better leader,” discusses the importance of professional development for an EMS leader, and explores the educational opportunities and programs available for EMS professionals. Moore will emphasize how leaders must foster an organizational atmosphere that encourages ongoing knowledge development, and creates pathways for the growth and enhancement of the people within the organization.

Moore will also share his expertise in two other sessions, “The green wave, challenges for EMS employers in a time of legalized marijuana,” and “The long-awaited evolution of performance management.”

Another expert speaker, Marques Bush, deputy chief of the City of Harrisonburg Fire Department in Virginia, is confronting the challenges of EMS head-on and will share innovative ideas for transforming issues into opportunities. As a 24-year student of the fire service with a passion for recruitment and retention, Bush advocates strongly for taking care of the whole person. An expert in developing cross-functional teams and organizational equity, his session, “Forging leadership - Removing excuses and creating a culture of retention,” is sure to be one of the most popular.

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Download your copy

2021 EMS Trend Report: Redefining adaptability, resilience and growth

The impact COVID-19 had, and didn’t have, the changes we’re embracing and the change providers want to see

One other often overlooked factor contributing to the recruitment and retention issue is the toll this profession can have on the mental and physical condition of EMS providers. The old model of “just buck up and carry on” has proven to have terrible consequences. In a study (Bentley et al., 2013), 69% of EMS professionals felt they didn’t have enough time to recover between traumatic events and higher rates of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal ideation and other relational conditions were reported as a result. There will be a number of presentations on this crucial topic of mental and physical wellbeing during the Summit, and one, in particular, that has the power to change many lives.

Rob Cook, Mindset Coach and creator of the unFIT Brand, has lots of experience with this topic due to his background in the USAF and Special Ops. In his presentation, “Healthy living is an art,” Cook will debunk the myths related to health and wellbeing, and share his experiences in the military and his transformation afterward, which has led to his unique outlook on health.

The conference also features a virtual exhibitor hall of innovative sponsors, supporting organizations, and two therapy dogs; Dude, the Goldendoodle, with Technimount, and ROG, the Labradoodle, with FirstNet by AT&T. To visit these popular pups and the other great brands, visit

To learn more about these and other sessions scheduled to be launched on September 8-12, 2021, visit Register today for free and join more than 5,000 EMS leaders from around the world to take the next step in your leadership journey.

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