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emsCharts Software Launches SyncPen Documentation Product

Innovative new tool is the first of its kind in the industry

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – emsCharts, Inc. today at the Air Medical Transport Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, announced the launch of the emsCharts SyncPen; a completely new product for emergency medical patient documentation.  The emsCharts SyncPen combines a real ink pen with smart pen technology, which allows handwritten forms to be transcribed directly into an electronic patient record in emsCharts.com. 

While writing, the emsCharts SyncPen captures digital snapshots of what is being written, including the time each pen stroke was made and on what form it was documented.  When the form is complete, the EMS responder taps a box on the paper form to trigger the data upload to emsCharts servers.  Each data element is pulled in electronically to the patient record and is available for further reporting and analysis in emsCharts.com.  An exact digital copy of the form is attached to the electronic patient record in the system for complete documentation of the EMS call.  Since all of the data is stored in the pen, and subsequently in emsCharts, the written form can be left with the patient at the hospital.

“The concept is innovative in that we’re taking paper and ink and turning it into data that can be processed in our system,” says Pete Goutmann, Vice President of emsCharts, Inc.  “We at emsCharts are experts at collecting and managing electronic data, and yet there is still a need for paper in certain applications within the EMS industry.  With the SyncPen, we’re simply combining the two.”  Goutmann adds, “We’re really excited by the flexibility of this technology.  The SyncPen can be used for patient documentation, signature forms, consent and refusal forms, and more.  We’re expecting that our customers will come up with some very unique applications for this product.”   

emsCharts, Inc. partnered with Microtech Systems in the United Kingdom to develop and refine the digital pen for the EMS arena.  Grant Hook, CEO of Microtech Systems states, “Microtech Systems is proud to be working in partnership with industry leader, emsCharts Inc. to bring SyncPen into the marketplace.  It is a privilege to be able to revolutionize the way that this vital part of the Health Sector operates.  This should improve the standard of care and help EMS personnel to manage outcomes more effectively.”  Hook continues, “With emsCharts Inc., we understand how Emergency Medical Services personnel make a significant difference to our everyday lives, it is a pleasure to be able to make a significant difference to theirs.”

About emsCharts

emsCharts provides pre-hospital care professionals with dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for optimized patient health care, quality assurance and operational productivity.  Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by medical and public safety professionals, emsCharts software products provide a total solution at a flat monthly fee.

About Microtech Systems

Microtech Systems is an international software solutions provider. Founded in 1999, their team of qualified professionals serves clients across the globe.  As a trusted partner to their clients, helping them evolve their IT systems, they help leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations and tackle their most difficult issues and serious challenges.

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