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emsCharts Teams With Emerisys to Offer Third-Party Chart Auditing (QA) Services

Submitted by Lindsey Kelley

Patient data company first to align with chart auditing service provider

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – emsCharts, Inc. announced this week that they have established a strategic partnership with Emerisys Inc., the nation’s leader in providing comprehensive third-party chart auditing (QA) services to EMS providers. This partnership allows emsCharts to further enhance their pre-hospital data solution for emergency medical services and makes them the first patient data company in the nation to team up with a third-party chart auditing service.

emsCharts, Inc. helped to pioneer real-time and electronic data collection with software products that use the Web to connect first responders with hospitals and reporting agencies; thus expediting the entire process and leaving more time to focus on patients’ needs. emsCharts, Inc. also offers mobile, offline versions of their web product for use in ambulances, helicopters, and on scene with patients.

Emerisys Inc. is the nation’s first chart auditing service to provide unbiased and affordable quality assessment (QA) for emergency medicine providers. Its comprehensive three-step review process identifies medic deficiencies and tracks performance trends that can be used to enhance education and reduce liability. By integrating the auditing functionality of emsCharts with the Emerisys system, EMS providers will have the most thorough and unbiased assessment available.

“Quality Assurance is an important step, not only in patient documentation, but in the overall practice for an EMS agency,” stated Pete Goutmann, Vice President of emsCharts, Inc. “Some agencies simply don’t have the manpower to implement a QA process with a human touch. emsCharts provides the technology, but for agencies that require a more hands-on approach, the tandem Emerisys / emsCharts systems are what they are looking for.” Goutmann continues, “Our hope with this partnership is that agencies who seek this multifaceted solution will now have access to both the technology and the hands-on experience.”

"We are excited to team up with emsCharts.” says Jeff Erdner, President of Emerisys Inc. “In today’s litigious society, it is critical that in addition to giving quality patient care, EMS providers must collect the appropriate patient data and implement an effective QAQI program. For this reason, I am confident our partnership with emsCharts will provide a service that is unparalleled in the industry."

About emsCharts
emsCharts (www.emscharts.com) provides pre-hospital care professionals with dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for optimized patient health care, quality assurance and operational productivity. Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by medical and public safety professionals, emsCharts software products provide a total solution at a flat monthly fee.

About Emerisys
Emerisys Inc. (www.emerisys.com) was founded by Dr. Jeff Erdner, an emergency physician. His daily interaction with medics (both as an emergency physician and as a medical director) allowed him to identify a critical need missing from most EMS companies – the need for effective and productive chart audits with useful results that translate into better performance, decreased liability, and focused education. Emerisys offers the only comprehensive chart auditing (QA) service available by pioneering a revolutionary system for chart reviews developed specifically for medics.

Pete Goutmann
emsCharts, Inc.
600 Mifflin Road, Suite 102
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
866.647.8282 x 77090

Jeff Erdner
Emerisys Inc.
P.O. Box 11032
College Station, TX

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