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emsCharts Named Certified ePCR Provider in West Virginia

Submitted by Lindsey Kelley

Patient data collection products approved for use by WV EMS agencies

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  – The West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services announced this week that emsCharts, Inc. products have achieved certification as a West Virginia third-party EPCR solution provider and are approved for use by West Virginia EMS agencies.

The State Trauma & Emergency Care System and the Office of EMS have partnered with the EMS Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC) in Chapel Hill, NC to conduct the vendor certification process. emsCharts, Inc. worked with State officials and the EMSPIC to meet West Virginia’s EPCR vendor requirements for submitting data to the State EMS Data System. This data is collected by the State for statistical purposes and to assure system quality and accountability. EMS agencies operating within the State of West Virginia may now use emsCharts products to electronically capture emergency transport information and report this data to the State Trauma and Emergency Medical Information System (TEMIS). Customers in West Virginia can now enter Phase II of the process in which they submit their initial test data.

“We’re very pleased to have emsCharts as an option for our agencies looking for an electronic solution,” says Jerry Kyle, Director, Office of EMS in West Virginia. “Their products will provide a reliable avenue for agencies to submit their data to us.” Mr. Kyle acknowledged several agencies in the state already using emsCharts products, and mentioned that quite a few others are planning to implement. “We are happy that emsCharts customers in West Virginia can now begin Phase II of the data submission process.”

Pete Goutmann, Vice President of emsCharts, Inc. states, “We work continuously to make sure that our products are compliant with data submission requirements across the nation. Every state has their own unique requirements, and our customers rely on us to keep them in compliance.” Goutmann continues, “We are extremely proud to be able to offer our certified products in West Virginia.”

emsCharts helped to pioneer real-time and electronic data collection with the use of the Web to connect first responders with hospitals and reporting agencies; thus expediting the entire process and leaving more time to focus on patients’ needs. emsCharts, Inc. also offers mobile, offline versions of their web product.

About emsCharts
emsCharts (www.emscharts.com) provides pre-hospital care professionals with dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for optimized patient health care, quality assurance and operational productivity. Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by medical and public safety professionals, emsCharts software products provide a total solution from dispatch through billing, at a flat monthly fee.

Pete Goutmann
emsCharts, Inc.
600 Mifflin Road, Suite 102
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
866.647.8282 x 77090

Greg Howard
emsCharts, Inc.
600 Mifflin Road, Suite 102
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
866.647.8282 x 63657

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