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emsCharts Teams With FirePrograms Software for Fire Records Management

Partnership fuses product and industry expertise for Fire and EMS

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – emsCharts, Inc. announces a collaborative partnership that connects their web-based patient data collection and incident reporting software to FirePrograms Software for fire records management. The new interaction between the two products streamlines data entry for Fire Departments that are required to perform EMS incident reporting in addition to fire incident reporting. The emsCharts connector for FirePrograms provides two way data transfer between emsCharts and FirePrograms software systems.

FirePrograms offers a wide variety of software and hardware products for Fire Department management. Departments that respond to fire incidents and also treat patients are required to complete separate reports on both the fire incident and the patient encounter. By connecting the FirePrograms NFIRS 2.0 compliant incident record to emsCharts’ NEMSIS Gold compliant patient data collection and management program, users will not need to duplicate data entry efforts.

If a user is creating a patient care report (PCR) from a fire incident in FirePrograms, the user will click an icon in FirePrograms that launches emsCharts in a browser and automatically logs the FirePrograms user into emsCharts. Pertinent data will be transferred from the fire incident into the PCR. For added functionality, pertinent data from an existing PCR can be transferred directly into a fire incident report.

“We have a large number of fire-based customers that require dual fire and EMS reporting, and have been asking for a streamlined solution,” comments Pete Goutmann, Vice President of emsCharts, Inc. “We are experts in EMS patient data collection and management. Fire reporting, much like EMS reporting, has its own variety of complexities and requires expertise in developing a product that can accommodate those complexities.” Goutmann continues, “emsCharts has always employed a ‘Best-of-Breed’ philosophy with our products and interfaces, and we are thrilled to have found a partner who shares our vision for Public Safety software.”

“Our partnership with emsCharts adds a significant element to our full suite of fire records management software modules,” comments Gary Ewers, President of FirePrograms Software. “With a direct interface into emsCharts, our nationwide users can enhance their current EMS reporting and leverage the full capability of emsCharts, all within their familiar FirePrograms records management software. As experts in fire incident reporting and fire service data management, we are excited to offer this enhanced patient care reporting capability to our customers.”

The collaborative functionality between emsCharts, Inc. and FirePrograms Software requires subscriptions to both services. The application link is available now and is currently being used by EMS & Fire agencies.

About emsCharts

emsCharts provides pre-hospital care professionals with dynamic, state-of-the-art solutions for optimized patient health care, quality assurance and operational productivity. Developed in conjunction with and fully tested by medical and public safety professionals, emsCharts software products provide a total solution at a flat monthly fee.

About FirePrograms Software

FirePrograms is the nation’s premier provider of public safety Records Management Software solutions. Founded in 1981, FirePrograms software is installed in over 5,000 fire departments and EMS agencies nationwide. Investing heavily in technology, FirePrograms provides unique information management solutions to America’s Bravest. Recent product releases include enhanced GIS mapping, comprehensive Scheduling software, a fire investigation module and the Link emergency fleet data management system. FirePrograms has built a solid reputation on dependable technology and unparalleled service.

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