Turnkey EMS Software

Turnkey EMS Software

The EMS tablet and EMT reporting software is designed for speed, and accuracy. It is combined to offer Paramedics an easy-to-use device to quickly and accurately generate complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in a mobile environment.

The tablet works online AND offline. There is no need for the Internet connectivity. All EMTs have to do is to fill out the form. Once completed, and once connectivity is made, the data is sent over to your online portal (encrypted and secure). The online portal provides you a complete administrative platform to manage not only patient records, but also inventory, shift schedule, vehicle management, and much more. From the portal, we can send the data seamlessly to your billing system. Or we can also offer you our ambulance billing option as well.

NejAut is the first field data tablet in the industry to combine proven, reliable technology with the most user-friendly interface that helps you to eliminate paper processes, gain efficiency, and meet compliance.

NejAut Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface (just a simple form to fill out)
  • Complete and submit incident reports in the field
  • Complete patient data - demographics, PMH, allergies, meds & more
  • Automatic attributes for adults and pediatric
  • Automated data validation to ensure complete & accurate records
  • Many auto calculated data entry (Glasgow Coma Scale, age, mileage, etc.)
  • Capture electronic signatures in the field
  • Generate editable narratives
  • Runs available for viewing and printing at hospitals
  • Wirelessly access and deliver mission-critical information
  • Auto syncing to the online portal (128 bit encryption)
  • Auto save
  • Refusal, ABN, and authorization forms

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