Tripling of call volume for Texas FD is opportunity to increase services

As EMS calls increase, the Amarillo Fire Department now has LIFEPAK 15 defibrillators on every front-line fire truck

By Bill Carey 
EMS1 Staff 

AMARILLO, Texas — The Amarillo Fire Department reported that its call volume over the years has tripled and that most of those calls are for EMS. The department has also increased the services it can provide on EMS calls. 

The department is one of the primary providers of pre-hospital care in the area, operating several fire engines, staffed with trained paramedics and EMTs, KFDA reported. 

“We have 17 frontline trucks running out of 13 stations and to be able to have the same equipment as the transporting agency allows us to have more of a seamless transition from our patient care to getting them loaded up on an ambulance,” Fie Chief Jason Mays said. 

The department recently posted on Facebook that every front-line truck is now equipped with a LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator. 

District Chief of EMS Jeff Harbin said that as the department continues to recruit and train paramedics on the new equipment and medications available to them on the fire apparatus, allowing them to do more for patients than in the past. “It was frustrating as a provider knowing there’s something we could do, but we would have to wait until that ambulance gets there,” Harbin said. “The opportunities that this equipment presents to us are great." 

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