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Chest compressions: push hard and push fast

Updated September 28, 2015

The CPR mantra is “push hard and push fast.” But what is hard and what is fast?

Effective chest compressions are dependent on delivering at least 100 chest compressions per minute.

Use a metronome to know if you are doing 100 compressions per minute.

A metronome is a simple tempo device used by singers and musicians that clicks or beeps at a prescribed beats per minute. A small metronome can be packaged with your AED or code equipment.

Two online metronomes are available at webmetronome.com/ or www.metronomeonline.com/. You might even be able to load a metronome into your smart phone or PDA.

If you don’t have a metronome, try singing the famous Bee Gees song, “Stayin’ Alive,” as you compress. Barry and the boys are grooving at about 100 beats per minute.

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