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Fully Stocked Trauma Bags Plus Emergency Products from EMI Now Available at theEMSstore.com

theEMSstore.com carries a large selection of products from EMI including fully stocked Trauma bags

COATESVILLE, Pa. - EMI products are at the forefront of modern trends; developing products ranging from the brand new series of fully stocked Trauma bags and Emergency Response Complete Holster Set to the Rescuer Emergency Knife and the ever-popular Flashback 5 LED Light Batons.

theEMSstore.com provides quick access to the lifesaving gear you need. From rescue tools and medical equipment to emergency response kits and light batons EMI products help you save lives. See for yourself how theEMSstore.com and EMI complement each other in fulfilling the mission of Equipping Heroes™.

theEMSstore.com features eight fully stocked EMI Trauma bags. The popular Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag (pictured) equips you with everything to handle most serious medical and trauma emergencies. This complete kit is easily contained and transported using the durable and rugged 1000 Denier nylon bag with a top carrying handle, an adjustable/detachable rifle sling strap and a star of life reflective emblem on the top flap. Also available from theEMSstore.com is the original Pro Response Emergency Medical Bag. In addition the Pro Response 2 Extreme combines the contents of the Pro Response 2 Bag plus supplemental critical first-on-the-scene equipment.

EMI’s Trauma EMS 1st Responder Kit allows you to carry all the basics, and more, in a durable, low-profile fanny pack. The kit contains an assortment of bandages and dressings including Abdominal Pads, sterile Conforming Bandages, a Blood/Burn Stopper Bandage, Triangular Bandage, and more; plus Airway Management and general EMS equipment and supplies. An instrument pack includes shears, scissors, forceps, tweezers, a penlight, and a seatbelt cutter. With the Multi Trauma EMS Response Kit your department will be equipped to handle the biggest incidents: Disasters, Mass Casualties, and Multiple Patients. Everything is packed in a rugged, Cordura nylon Trauma Bag for faster access and efficient application. The Flat-Pac Response Kit is also available, in a briefcase style bag that can easily fit into places larger bags cannot.

 The EMI Emergency Disaster Kit is comprised of all the basic lifesaving products needed for the critical time after a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane or an earthquake. From a first aid kit to search and rescue tools this kit has all the necessities needed for many disaster situations including the popular 511 tool with a built in gas shut-off function. Also included is the very popular Flashback Five Illumination Light. This kit is not only essential for all rescue personnel, but also should be included in your home preparedness planning. The slightly smaller Disaster Response Kit is a complete pre-packaged kit for first responders. It contains a collection of essential gear that to give the rescuer flexibility to gain access to victims, quickly proceed with rescue operations, treat and triage up to 16 patients, day or night.

EMS Holster Sets and Kits can be the simplest yet most invaluable piece of gear you wear. theEMSstore.com carries 18 different EMI holsters. The Rescue Holster Set includes EMS shears, bandage scissors, straight Kelly forceps, disposable penlight, standard window punch and the Explorer Lock knife – all contained in a water repellent, padded nylon Cordura holster. Among the additional holster sets available on theEMSstore.com are the 1st Response Enhanced EMS Holster Set, the Emergency Medical, the Trauma Holster Set, the Airway Response Holster and the popular Xtractor Auto Rescue Kit.

The CPR Lifeshield Plus and the Lifesaver CPR Mask Kit offer effective protection for rescuers performing CPR in the field.   Both kits include a one-way non-breathing valve with a filter that eliminated blowback and prevents the transfer of body fluids to the rescuer.

theEMSstore.com also offers six different styles of the Flashback Five LED Light Baton including the Flare Baton Kit. Safer than standard flares this kit is lightweight, compact and portable, which makes the kit ideal for all emergency scenes. Each flare-baton has 20 LEDs capable of producing multiple color & flash combinations along with a magnetic tail cap base that allows the light to be mounted on vehicles. Be seen up to 1 mile in all directions with the Flashback Five LED Light Batons ensuring visibility day or night, in any weather.

Medical Equipment like stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, ring cutters, shears, Hemocut Combination Instrument, tourniquets and flexible foam padded splints are also available. A wide range of EMI Rescue Tools including rescue knives, window punches, a trunk key, a shove knife and Lifesaver Hammers are also online and ready to ship from theEMSstore.com to your location.

For more than 30 years EMI has focused on quality and innovatively designed products. theEMSstore.com is quickly becoming the single source for EMS, EMT and Paramedic professionals and the vision of EMI as “One Vision…One Source” compliments that growth. Visit theEMSstore.com today and see the 80 most popular EMI products and much, much more.

About theEMSstore.com and Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.
theEMSstore.com, a division of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., offers product lines from hundreds of manufacturers. Witmer Public Safety Group's motto is Equipping Heroes™ and this continues as they extend their commitment to provide the industry's best equipment and supplies to the professional men and women who serve to ensure the public's safety. For additional information, please call (800) 852-6088 or visit theEMSstore.com.

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