Reimagining Resuscitation: Behind the Scenes of Rialto’s Breakthrough

Reimagining Resuscitation: Behind the Scenes of Rialto’s Breakthrough

In this special video/podcast series, brought to you by EMS1 and ZOLL, learn how the Rialto Fire Department and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical dramatically improved their ROSC rates by implementing a coordinated set of advanced cardiac resuscitation techniques. 

With behavior and culture as a driver, these organizations invested time and resources into training to create an environment where caring providers have the ability to succeed, and patients are given the best chance for surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.  

You'll hear firsthand how it was done, and learn more about the science behind ROSC as well as how you can implement this reproducible toolkit of practices, protocols, products and mindset to preserve quality of life.  

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Our fifth and final episode of this series, “Reimagining Resuscitation: Behind the Scenes of Rialto’s Breakthrough” will be a live webinar including a Q&A session on Dec. 8, 2020. Send your questions for Dr. Holley, Kevin Joles and Joe Powell to  

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