Report: DC Fire Lt. at fault for delayed response to choking child

Since he was not dispatched to the call 3-blocks away, he did not respond or ask about the call for the child, who later died

Fox News

WASHINGTON — A new report obtained first by FOX 5 blames a delayed response by D.C. Fire and EMS to a choking toddler on both technical errors and human mistakes.

The 18-month-old boy went into cardiac arrest and later died after waiting more than eleven minutes for help to arrive. As FOX 5 first reported back in March, help was in a Tenleytown fire station just three blocks away, but was never put on the call. Now, this new report is explaining why.

The exhaustive 47-page report was compiled over several weeks and lays the blame on unreliable tablet computers, 911 dispatchers and a fire lieutenant who knew the child was in trouble, but failed to act.

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