MediView Mobile offers IT solution for EMS

The system results in decreased operating costs related to documentation and overtime

I stopped by the Beyond Lucid Technologies at EMS Today 2012 to learn about MediView Mobile. MediView Mobile is a software platform that is designed to serve as a comprehensive cloud-and-client health care IT solution for EMS.

MediView Mobile incorporates next generation data entry methods including on-screen handwriting and speech-to-text entry of vitals, online-offline GPS navigation, embedded multimedia, document library, and more.

It has been designed for ease of use by medics in the field to provide measurable benefits to EMS and affiliate agencies.

Photo Beyond Lucid Technologies 
Photo Beyond Lucid Technologies 

The system results in decreased operating costs related to documentation and overtime. It helps get medics back into the field more quickly following drop off at the hospital.

It makes it easier to conduct internal processes like QA, billing, and report submission without duplication. It could also potentially decrease liability by providing an end-to-end record of the steps medics took to care for their patients.

Last, it eliminates the need for paper – not just run records, but even educational and certification documents, memos, and signature forms.

Take a look at the video demonstrating MediView Mobile here. Another video on the page demonstrates the system’s unique speech-to-text capabilities.

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Dan White, EMT-P works for Intersurgical, Inc. as the National Account Manager for EMS. Immediately prior he ran Arasan, LLC. He served as Sales & Marketing Director for Truphatek, Inc. and before that Director of Corporate Planning & Product Development for AllMed. He has been certified as a paramedic since 1978 and an EMS and ACLS instructor since 1981. Dan has designed many emergency medical products since his first, the White Pulmonary Resuscitator, including the Prolite Speedboad, Cook Needle Decompression Kit and RapTag Triage System. His more recent EMS product designs are the Arasan Ultra EMS Coat and the B2 Paramedic Helmet. To contact Dan, email

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