Dubai Airport Turns Up the Heat with Alarmon® System Upgrade

Reston, Virginia — After ten (10) months of successful use, Dubai Airport International’s Alarmon® system upgrade has confirmed C4i’s communications capability on a world-wide scale. The solution, created and customized for the airport’s Fire Fighting Services department, is an end-to-end, IP based, fully-integrated Emergency Response system.  Alarmon® automates emergency response procedures and alarms, in addition to incorporating integrated communications to tower, satellite fire stations, E.R. vehicles and personnel airside and non-airside.

The Alarmon® system is based on SwitchplusIP® - C4i’s tried and trusted interoperable communications software. The system uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to interface with legacy and modern devices, in both analog and digital domains.  The integration of existing systems provides Dubai International Airport with greater flexibility and faster response times in a variety of operational use scenarios and incidents. Operators now have the ability to provide assistance in times of crisis from an area remote from the Airport. The application also seamlessly combines telephony and radio communications, and aviation emergency response hotlines, along with integrated building and alarm control and monitoring systems.

"As part of Dubai Airports’ commitment to safety leadership and technology, Dubai International (DXB) selected to upgrade its Emergency Alerting and Communications with the SwitchplusIP® Alarmon® system to automate our business practices and provide a unified, IP-based, fully-integrated Emergency Response solution that will expand with the airport. C4i has exceeded my expectations during the implementation of this project.”
Kelvin Burnell, Chief Fire Officer at Dubai International Airport.

Currently at Airservices Australia, 17 sites of technology similar to that in operation at Dubai Airports are already in service. In addition, C4i SwitchplusIP® and Alarmon® systems are installed at multiple sites all over the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.  Alarmon® provides a proven solution for other airports realizing the need to adopt this level of integration.

Airport operators responsible for multiple airport sites have the ability to maximize the use of staff across different locations. All assets and procedures local to an airport can now be accessed and managed by another networked airport.  C4i believes this technology will benefit all airport emergency response operators as there is an ongoing need to reduce operating costs and meet increasing international standards for safety.

About C4i
For over 20 years, C4i has specialized in delivering standard-setting communication solutions for mission-critical military and government customers around the globe. C4i is based in Melbourne, Australia and Reston, Virginia, USA, and has representatives around the world. C4i is one of the publicly traded LongReach Group companies. A company with global reach, C4i has the heritage, the knowledge, the commitment and the experience to adapt revolutionary solutions to all critical mission needs.

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