Boston EMS' Joe O'Hare: All hazards incident management

O'Hare joins the podcast to discuss training and lessons from his role in the Boston Marathon bombing response

In this edition of EMS One-Stop, Rob chats with Joe O’Hare, superintendent of EMS field operations at Boston EMS. O'Hare served as the commander of dispatch operations during the Boston Marathon bombing and offers insight into the preparation put in place by the city of Boston to create an all hazards incident management environment for all of their major city events.

O’Hare discusses the need to establish good working relationships with both first responder and hospital care leaders before disaster strikes. He also identifies the training program used to familiarize all staff with response to major incidents.

Read Rob's article on lessons identified from the Boston Marathon bombing after-action report and listen to the discussion below.

This article was originally posted Nov. 16, 2020. It has been updated.

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