Medic never put down smartphone while driving child to hospital

Video captured by patient's mother and shared on Facebook shows the Philly firefighter using his smartphone while transporting the boy; the Fire Commissioner promises discipline

PHILADELPHIA — The driver of a Philadelphia Fire Department ambulance is facing discipline for using his smartphone during the transport of a child to the hospital.

A video recorded by the child's mother, Ebony Clarke, from the patient care compartment shows the driver thumbing the phone's screen while the ambulance is moving, reported 6ABC.

Clarke alleges the driver used multiple apps on his phone and never put it down. Her son, Jeron, was being transported to Albert Einstein Medical Center for a head laceration.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer says department policy is no cell phone usage is allowed while driving. That includes surfing the internet, texting or talking.

"I was disgusted," Sawyer said. "We are going to identify the person in the video and we are going to bring him in. We'll discipline him." 

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