3 ways to mark EMS Week

Take inventory and make a plan to live the theme of EMS Week year round

Updated May 15, 2015

I really like the themes for EMS Week. In 2010 the theme — Anytime, Anywhere, We'll be There — reflected the importance of personal and organizational readiness. But let's face it, most of us didn't know the theme for until EMS Week actually arrived. Here are a few of my ideas for taking inventory and making a plan to live the theme of EMS Week for the rest of the year.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror 

Literally. Are you scared, proud, happy, embarrassed, angry, or indifferent? I know I still have 10 extra pounds. Life is full of choices that are easier to make when you have goals. If you are not sure how to start mapping your route to success, go to theEMTSpot.com and download Steve Whitehead's excellent ebook on success.

2. Take stock of your online presence

Friends, family, co-workers, supervisors, patients, and bystanders are looking for you online. What are they learning about your beliefs, habits, acquaintances, and associations? For organizations, leverage an online presence with social networks and social media to serve your mission day and night to your external and internal customers.

Social media is not going away. If the online presence is absent or negative, you need the free education that David Konig provides in an e-mail training program, blog, and podcast at PIOSocialMediaTraining.com.

3. Tell people what is right about EMS

No one can tell our story better than us. Uplifting stories about accomplishments are always better received than complaining.

  • Tell our story by writing a letter to your local newspaper editor (Chris Kaiser at LifeUndertheLights.com offers letter-writing ideas and encouragement)
  • Offer to speak to a church group or civic organization about EMS Week (use the theme to organize your talk)
  • Attend an elected officials town hall meeting (start building a relationship by talking about how you personally and/or your organization is doing more with less)
  • Make a movie about EMS in your community (Ted Setla's movies are awesome because of his passion. Watch Chronicles of EMS or Level Zero. I guarantee inspiration).

We are all capable of bold action. The only thing keeping you from speaking at a conference, writing an article for EMS1, becoming an EMS1 columnist, starting a blog, creating your own EMS movie, losing 30 pounds, running a 10k, going on a medical mission to a developing country, starting your own business, or attaining any goal is taking the first step.

Anytime. Anywhere. Where will you go?

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