PerSys Medical to exhibit at EMS World Expo Booth #934

Visit us at EMS World Expo Booth #934 to see our life saving innovations!

PerSys Medical will be exhibiting at EMS World. PerSys Medical develops and brings to market life-saving innovations for vascular access, hemorrhage control, hypothermia prevention and airway management. We provide emergency medical solutions for military and civilian markets, such as EMS, law enforcement, hospital and first responders. Our flagship products include: The Emergency Bandage®, The NIO IO, Blizzard Survival Products, and Pocket BVM.

The Emergency Bandage®, otherwise known as The Israeli Bandage®, is a sterile bandage with a unique built-in pressure bar that provides hemorrhage control and wound treatment in pre-hospital situations. It is also the only pressure bandage that is FDA approved as a non-pneumatic tourniquet. The NIO is a simple, automatic, intraosseous device that provides safe, quick and easy vascular access in emergency situations for fluid and drug administration. Blizzard Trauma Blankets and Products are made with Reflexcell™, a unique technology that was developed to reduce the risk of hypothermia and support patient treatment in extreme weather or trauma conditions. PerSys offers a line of compact “pocket sized” collapsible BVMs. They are rugged, compact, available in several variations, and can save as much as 75% less space compared with standard BVMs.

About PerSys Medical
PerSys Medical, a Texas based medical device company, is a global provider of emergency medical solutions designed for hospitals, militaries, first responders, civilians, and law-enforcement since the mid-90s. The company’s commitment to research and development has brought to market innovations in intraosseous vascular access, hemorrhage control, hypothermia solutions, and airway management. All of PerSys Medical products are protected by international patents and are manufactured according to the highest international standards, with FDA and CE approvals. PerSys Medical maintains a worldwide network of distributors and representatives serving more than 60 countries. For more information, visit:

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