NCEMSC Announces New Partnership with AMBARA

NCEMSC is pleased to announce it has added AMBARA to it's stable of vendors. Now their members can purchase a discounted AMBARA membership subscription, and use AMBARA's database to evaluate their A/R and Revenue Cycle Management efforts. This will enable them to set benchmarks and goals to improve their A/R charge capture, billing and follow-up.


The NCEMSC is a group of more than 4,000 EMS organizations in 50 states and several provinces that have joined together to take advantage of volume pricing discounts on a wide array of EMS products and services. Members include ambulance services, fire departments, first responders, police/sheriff departments, industry, clinics, hospitals & other related agencies.

NCEMSC is a non-profit corporation. NCEMSC invests in the industry! NCEMSC’s excess revenues are returned to regional, state and national EMS associations as well as being donated to the North Central EMS Institute so that it can complete its mission of leading industry efforts in such areas as safety, efficient operations, education, research and national consensus building.


The AMBARA website/database has been designed to assist Ambulance, EMS and Medical Transport companies in assessing their current accounts receivable (A/R).

To utilize its various benefits, users simply supply company demographic info and monthly A/R data. Once done, users will be able to compare A/R aging, costs and charges to other companies based upon company type, size, location, etc.  Members will have the latest data to evaluate themselves against similar companies, as well as regional and national (US & Canada) benchmarks.

All submitted data is anonymous, and no company identifying info is collected or used.

Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC

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