CloudPCR launches app in Arizona providing PCR services in the cloud

PHOENIX — CloudPCR has recently launched their platform in the state of Arizona and it's already helping local EMS professionals save time and money.

"CloudPCR is super user-friendly. It's customizable, correlates with state reporting, and only asks what I need." said EMS professional James Kenworthy. The platform has a variety of features that are making the lives of EMS professionals just a little easier—one step at a time.

Predictive text and adaptive form technology drive streamlined emergency data collection. The system only queries essential fields based on each call outcome. Intuitive reporting also allows users to sort, group, and analyze patient information in real-time.

This type of time-saving technology is enabling Arizona EMS professionals to spend less days playing catch-up in overtime. As James added "This software is going to save businesses a lot of money. Especially with OT hours from writing charts."

CloudPCR is powered by MS Azure technology, the same system used by the government to maintain security. Therefore, it meets all requirements for NEMSIS, HIPPA, HITECH, and FISMA. Patient information is stored safely in the cloud and can be accessed at any time.

The program is hailed by Arizona EMS professionals for being smart and intuitive. CloudPCR is equipped with precise time-tracking, location-based technology, and was developed for individuals to learn as they go along. James added "It almost looks too simple. Anybody who's used a PCR on any type of software, would have no issues."

Opportunities for customization in the software are facilitating billing and reporting by aligning all submitted PCRs with acceptable state codes. Unlike other systems, CloudPCR charting is accepted on the first submission—every time. Additionally, platform extensions are available for secure messaging, billing, and analytics.

As a final thought, James adds: "It's fast, it's easy, and it pretty much guarantees a savings of money in some form."

About Cloud PCR
Started in 2015, CloudPCR is continuing its expansion across the country in the coming year. The company’s website,, offers affordable PCR software as a service that is fast, smart, and effective. The platform is continuously updated using customer feedback, and the company prides itself on their collaborative nature.

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